Why Choose Automatic Broiler Chicken Cage?

  • Feed-to-meat ratio can reach 1.4:1
  • 2 to 4 Times higher capacity compared to the floor system
  • Survival rate up to 99.8%
  • 20 Years of service life
  • 1 Person manages 10 houses
  • The temperature difference between head and end does not exceed 3°C

Automatic Broiler Chicken Cage Drawing

Cage and frame side view

Take 60,000 Chickens Per Shed as Example

Technical Parameters
Chicken house size Cage mode Cage quantity Installation size of one set cage One-tier cage size Breeding area and number of animals per section (single layer) Chicken quantity per unit Chicken quantity per shed Average chicken weight
90m(L)×16.5m(W)×3.5m(H) H type, 3 tiers 55 sets/row, 5 rows 1.5m(L)*1.8m(W)*3.1m(H) 1.5m(L)*1.8m(W)*0.55m(H) 75 birds per 2.7㎡ 225 61,875 1.8kg

Automatic Broiler Chicken Cage Product Details

Cage and Frame

Cage and Frame

  • Surface treatment: 275gsm zinc coating

Feed Silo

Feed silo

  • 10T to 30T feed capacity is available
  • Hot galvanized: 275g/㎡

Pan Feeding System

Automatic Pan Feeding System

  • Feed sensor: IFM®
  • Feed pipe: hot galvanized

Drinking System

Automatic Drinking System

  • Two different water supply lines are placed in each cage with 8 to 12.
  • 360° water supply of the nipples.

Manure Cleaning System

Automatic Manure Cleaning System

  • PP belt, 1.2mm thickness

Automatic Ventilation

Automatic Ventilation

  • Ideal environment for chickens with constant temperature and humidity

Automatic Lighting

Automatic Lighting

  • The lighting system is inside the cage, it is bright, non-glare, and flicker-free. Chicks can find the feed and water easily.
  • Suitable light intensity promotes growth.

Steel Structure House

Prefab Steel Structure House

  • Customized prefab steel structure chicken house based on the local environment

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