New Chain-type Harvesting Broiler Cage

  • Cage mesh: Q235 carbon wire mesh
  • Material: 275gsm zinc coating
  • Tiers:2-4 Tiers
  • Certification: ISO 9001, PVOC, SONCAP
  • Lifetime: 15-20 Years
  • Manure cleaning belt: 1.2mm PP belt
  • Fully automatic harvesting

Video Display

New Chain-type Harvesting Broiler Cage Design drawing

chicken house design drawing
chicken house 03

Recommended Coop Size and Number of Chickens

Building size recommend
Recommend building size Chicken quantity Cell length(mm) Cell width(mm) Cell height(mm) raising areas(cm²) Number of birds per layer
91*17*5.2m (4-tier cage) 60000 (2.5kg bird} 3300 1500 550 495 100-125
98*17*5.2m (4-tier cage) 81000 (1.8kg bird) 3300 1500 550 495 100-125

Product Details

Automatic Harvesting

  • Fully automatic harvesting

Automatic Harvesting01

  • Compared with grid board, chain type conveyor ensures more gentle harvesting, reduce damage of chickens

Automatic Harvesting05

  • lifting system at the final part can transport chickens from each tier outside the house

chain type conveyor for harvesting

chain type conveyor for harvesting, more gentle

Cage and Frame

Cage and Frame

  • Stong cage mesh: Q235 carbon wire for cage mesh, stronger tensile strength, 15-20 years lifespan
  • Strong cage frame: 2mm thick U type cage frame, more stable to support chickens
  • More anti-corossion: 275gsm zinc coating + painting, make the surface more anti-rust in the corrosive environment

Pan Feeding System

Automatic Pan Feeding System

  • Lifting system of pan feeding line allows chickens to eat at the correct height
  • Feed sensor: IFM®
  • Feed pipe: hot galvanized
  • Spiral: imported from South Africa

Drinking System

Automatic Drinking System

  • Lifting system for every water dispenser allows chickens to drink at the correct height
  • Two different water supply lines are placed in each cage with 8 to12
  • 360° water supply of the nipples
  • Supply doser and pressure gauge

Manure Cleaning System

Automatic Manure Cleaning System

  • PP belt, 1.2mm thickness

Real Shot of Chicken House

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