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Broiler Slatted Floor Raising System

  • A slatted floor raising system, also named deep litter system consists of automatic pan feeding system, automatic drinking system, ventilation system, environment control system, cooling pad & heating system, providing a better living environment for broilers and pullets.
  • Simple operation, save feeding time, efficient.
  • Generally, the height of poultry houses is between 2.5m-3.5m (at eaves). Steel structure poultry houses are usually designed with a width of 8-15m. Length is better no larger than 140m.
  • Product name: Broiler floor raising system
  • Life span: 15-20 years
  • Material: PP plastic raw material

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Chicken House Size Recommendation

You can refer to this table to compare your situation or contact us and we will provide a free chicken coop design.

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Advantage of Our Product

Automatic Feeding System

Feedstuff hopperFeedstuff hopper:

● Automatic control for feed quantity adjustment with 5 levels.
● The pan can store 800g-1600g feedstuffs.It can suffice any time of rearing.

Feed pan

Feed pan:

● Pan diameter 330mm.
● Pan material: 100% virgin PE material.
● Feed capacity: 55 birds/ pan.
● The pan bottom can be used as a starter pan.

Feed pipe with 4 holes

Feed pipe with 4 holes:

● Material: hot-dip galvanized steel.
● Zinc coated:275g/m2.
● Thickness:1.2mm.

Driving motor

Driving motor:

● 0.75 kw,220V,3 phase,60hz.
● Taiwan brand.

Automatic Drinking System and Plastic Floor System

Plastic Floor System

Plastic floor system:

● The common useful life is around 10-15 years.
● The surface width is 25mm, and the gap is 11mm or 21mm; The size: is a width of 500mm, length can be customized according to customers’ S demands.

Water pipe and nipple drinker

Water pipe and nipple drinker:

● The water route connection is sealed to avoid contact with air and dust, ensuring clean water and preventing water pollution.

● The drinking nipple is designed with high sensitivity, which can ensure 360-degree rotation.

Plastic Floor System

Plastic floor system:

● PVC blending extrusion, smooth and clean, and burr-free.
● Easy maintenance, if there is something wrong, easy tochange new piece.

Automatic drinking system

Automatic drinking system:

● Pressure regulator.

● Flexible adjust, long lifespan.

Environment Control System

Ventilation fan system

Ventilation fan system:

● The ventilation fan system provides fresh air, and proper humidity for your chickens, ensuring your broilers provide maximum production.

Cooling pad system

Cooling pad system:

● When the air goes through cooling pads, the heat will be taken down by the evaporation of water. So the air will be cooled before going into your poultry farms.

Environmental control equipmentEnvironmental control equipment:

● The environmental control system monitors the environmental data of the chicken shed constantly based on temperature and humidity sensor data.

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