HIGHTOP Poultry Equipment specialize in H type chicken battery cage system for poultry farm. Our automatic battery cage system includes chicken cage, automatic feeding system, watering system, egg collection system, manure removal system and environmental control system, etc.

If the productivity of egg production facilities is to be increased, it is crucial to choose the right poultry equipment for layer chickens. By using an automated chicken battery cage system, the feed and water can be easily delivered to the laying hens, and you can easily control the ambient temperature, and efficiently collect eggs and remove manure, thereby boosting poultry egg production.

H type chicken battery cage system in poultry farm optimizes the limited space of the chicken house. The feeding system can provide each chicken with an appropriate amount of food and water. Automatic chicken feeder system reduces food waste and saves labor costs. The egg collector safely transports the eggs to the designated location through the conveyor belt and elevator. Hightop automatic poultry farm equipment can better control the environment of the chicken house, such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and lighting, etc.

H Type Chicken Battery Cage System for Poultry Farm

H-type automatic chicken battery cage system comes from its H-frame structure, it is a high-density poultry breeding system. It can save labor costs, land, and reduce construction investment and management costs. It is an ideal choice for intensive large-scale poultry farms. The high-quality hot-dip galvanized material features excellent corrosion-resistant, and the cage service life can be up to 20 years.

H Type Poultry Battery Cage Specification
Cage size Nos. of Door/cage Nos. of Chicken/door Nos. of Floor Capacity of one set of cage Area per head (sqcm) Length of the cage with frame Width of installed cage with feeding machine Height of installed cage with feeding machine
1950*450*410 5 4 4 160 438.75 2000 1760 3035
1800*500*410 4 5 4 160 450 1850 1860 3035
1800*600*430 4 6 4 192 450 1850 2010 3210

H type battery cage system

automatic poultry cage system

automatic chicken battery cage


  • The chicken battery cage system adopts hot-dip galvanizing process, which provides good corrosion resistance in humid environment.
  • Automatic feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collecting and environment control, can help to improve working efficiency and save labor cost.
  • Have sufficient feed, water position and healthy uniformity are better chicken, chicken limited to the minimum amount of exercise, energy consumption, save feed.
  • High-density raising, saves land and investment. The chicken cage allows you easily observing birds, clustering or choosing the weak
  • Automatic control of ventilation and temperature can meet the requirement of the birds.
  • Easy to manage, improve production efficiency
  • Save space and maximize land utilization

Advantage of Accessories

Automatic poultry cage

Cage Mesh Material

  • The frame and cage mesh are made of Q235 steel, the European equivalent material is S235 steel.
  • The battery cage surface is hot-dip galvanized 275g/m2 or Galfan wire, lifespan up to 15-30 years.
  • The smooth surface does not hurt the birds.
  • Egg broken rate is less than 0.5 per thousand.
  • Solid structure, not easy to deform.

chicken cage nipple drinker

Automatic Chicken Waterer System

  • The water route connection is all sealed to avoid the contact with air and dust, ensuring clean water and preventing water pollution
  • High-quality drinking cup, pressure valve and drinking nipples can prevent water leakage.

chicken egg collection belt

Feeder Through

  • Pure PVC
  • Strong
  • Smooth
  • Health

Automatic manure collection system

Cage Support

  • Each floor has an automatic manure removal belt to prevent the manure from falling on the lower layer of poultry.
  • Reasonable slope at the bottom mesh, reduce broken egg rate.
  • The U-channel steel frame is solid enough to support the chicken battery cages.

automatic chicken feeding system

Automatic Feeding System

1. Feed Silo:

  • Capacity: 5-30 Tons
  • Material: hot-dipped galvanized, Zinc coated: 275g/m²
  • Feed lifting and weighing device can be installed
  • Delivery Pipe Diameter: 90mm

2. Automatic Feeder Equipment

  • Feed hopper: 2 hoppers/tier,
  • Capacity per hopper: 60 kg.
  • Speed: Adjustable

Automatic egg collection system

The automatic egg collecting machine of the chicken battery cage system can be transported to the egg packaging or central egg library fast and efficiently, it is easy to sort and package eggs. Automatic egg collecting system has the function of preventing the falling and breaking of the eggs, the broken egg rate less than 0.2%.

Automatic Manure Removal System

The automatic manure removal system is equipped with two manure cleaning devices to ensure chicken house clean and pollution free. The manure belt is made of high strength PP composite with friction resistance and long lifespan.

tunnel ventilation in poultry houses

Poultry Ventilation Systems

The poultry ventilation systems monitors the environmental data of the chicken house constantly based on temperature and humidity sensor-data. It controls the cooling fans, cooling pads and the clearstory automatically by a microcomputer integrated system.

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