A Type Automatic Layer Chicken Cage System

A type layer chicken cage comes from its A-shaped structure design. It is widely used in small and medium-sized poultry farms. Compared with the H-Type battery cage, it is easier to install and operate.

Hightop automatic chicken cage system includes battery cage system, automatic feeder and water feeder, automatic egg collection system, automatic manure removal system, tunnel ventilation system, etc.

Hightop A type automatic layer chicken cage is made of mild steel Q235. The surface of the cage net is high-hot galvanized or Galvanized. It has excellent structural strength and rust resistance, and the service life is up to 30 years.

Our automatic layer chicken cage system is designed to increase the production capacity of poultry and eggs. It is suitable for medium and large poultry farms with 10,000 chickens and above. It can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the farmer and save time and cost.

A Type Layer Chicken Cages

A type automatic layer cage system is named after its frame resembles the letter “A”, it has a trapezoidal frame, so the overall structure is stable, but the number of tiers is generally only 3 to 4 because it is restricted by the trapezoidal frame. Hightop A-type layer chicken cage system includes automatic chicken feeding system, drinking system, manure removal, egg collection, and environment control system.

A type layer chicken cage size
Cage size Door No. /cage Chicken No. /door No. of layer Capacity of one set of cage Area per head (sqcm) Length of the cage with frame Width of installed cage with feeding machine Height of installed cage with feeding machine Length of manure cleaning machine Length of egg collection machine
1950*350*380 5 3 3 90 455 2000 2450 1995 1600 3000
1950*350*380 5 3 4 120 455 2000 2800 2455 1600 3000
1950*450*410 5 4 3 120 438.75 2000 2625 2050 1600 3000
1950*450*410 5 4 4 160 438.75 2000 3075 2530 1600 3000

automatic A type layer chicken cage

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automatic battery cage system

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Features of A Type Automatic Layer Cage System

Cage Mesh Material

  • Our layer chicken cage and frame are made of Q235 mild steel, which is strong and durable.
  • The surface of our battery cage is heavy duty galvanized (275g/m2) or Galfan coated, which has a excellent corrosion resistance
  • The cage smooth surface does not hurt the birds.
  • Cage service life up to 30 years

chicken cage nipple drinker

Automatic Chicken Waterer

  • Each nest has a nipple drinker to ensure that the chickens can drink fresh water at any time.
  • The Nipple drinker is well sealed, and when the chicken does not drink water, the water will not leak.

chicken egg collection belt

Feeder through & Automatic egg collection belt

  • Feeder through is made of pure PVC, with smooth surface, high hardness and long service life
  • The egg conveyor belt is made of high-strength polypropylene PP, which has high tensile strength, low ductility, excellent wear resistance and antibacterial, and reduces the rate of egg breakage.

automatic manure removal system

Cage Frame

  • Reasonable staggered distance between upper and lower cage, prevent the manure from upper cage drop down on the lower chicken.
  • Reasonable slope at the bottom mesh, reduce broken egg rate.

a type layer cage

Automatic Feeding System

  • The speed of the feeder can be adjusted.
  • Feed accurately to avoid feed overflow.
  • Smooth running and low noise.

Automatic egg collection machine

Automatic egg collection system

The eggs are transported to the automatic egg collector through the conveyor belt, which greatly improves the efficiency of egg picking and reduces the egg breakage rate.

chicken manure removal belt

Automatic Manure Removal System

The automatic manure removal system transports the chicken manure to the designated location, avoids the accumulation of manure on the ground of the chicken house, reduces the pollution of the chicken house, and improves the hygiene and air quality of the chicken house.

tunnel ventilation in poultry houses

Environmental Control System

The chicken house environment control system integrates temperature control, air humidity control, ventilation control and light control, etc., to create an excellent environment for chicken growth and egg production.

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