Scaling Heights: 30,000 Chickens Embrace Automation in Battery Cages – Philippine

Project Details

Number of chickens: 30,000 chickens in one poultry house.

Location: Philippines.

System model: H-type battery layer chicken cage.

Cage type: 5-tier cage, 160 per set of capacity, 4 rows, 160 birds per set.

Quantity of cage: 46 sets.

Size of chicken house: 102m long, 12 m wide.


Project Highlights

The farm uses an automatic feeding system, automatic manure cleaning system, automatic egg collection system, temperature control system, and lighting control system to achieve fully automated breeding.

Project Advantages

Increased Efficiency: The use of automated systems significantly enhances farming efficiency, reducing labor costs, and achieving higher productivity.

Health Assurance: Intelligent monitoring systems detect and address potential issues in real-time, ensuring the smooth progress of the entire breeding process.

Environmental Sustainability: Adopting sustainable energy and advanced environmental technologies, we are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the poultry industry in the Philippines.

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