Hightop H Type Battery Chicken Cage Project – Thailand

Project Specifications

Location: Thailand

Chicken House Capacity: 47,760 birds/house

Chicken House Size: 88m (L) x 18m (W) x 4m (H)

Layout Design: 6 rows of 4-tier H-type battery cages, 41 sets/row

Products Used: H Type Battery Cage

Design and Execution

Our team meticulously designed the layout, ensuring optimal space utilization and streamlined operations. The configuration included 6 rows of 4-tier H type battery cages, totaling 41 sets per row. This design aimed to achieve a harmonious balance between bird capacity and the available land area.

Technological Integration

The Hightop H Type Battery Cage system, renowned for its advanced technology, played a pivotal role. The system not only prioritized the well-being of the birds but also facilitated ease of management and maintenance.


The implementation of this project resulted in a state-of-the-art poultry farm that seamlessly blended technology, efficiency, and sustainability. The client witnessed a significant increase in productivity, and the farm achieved remarkable success in meeting its production goals.

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